Family, tradition und milestones

The Brand History of CUP&CINO

You can ignite in others only the fire that burns in yourself. We at CUP&CINO are passionate about premium coffee – and everything that makes its enjoyment more tangible, comfortable and sustainable. Yet this can only be achieved with the perfect alignment of every last detail. Which brings us to the essence of our philosophy!

2015 - the new Business CLASS.
Coinciding perfectly with Internorga 2015 in Hamburg, CUP&CINO presents its new Business Class. This new generation of coffee machines convinces with sensational hot and cold milk froth and, thanks to being extremely simple to clean, it is even more convenient. The novel technology allows excellent quality that is now also viable for smaller companies, businesses and even offices. Regardless of whether for restaurants or filling stations with high throughput levels or for smaller companies such as fitness studios or offices – the new BusinessClass fulfils all requirements – and this from as few as 20 cups per day. In line with the new BusinessClass, CUP&CINO has developed the “Piazza” furniture series. Thanks to the two design lines “Rustico” and “Modesta”, the modules fit into every architectonic style and transform every room into a cosy coffee shop atmosphere.
2014 - CUP&CINO increases its service team

CUP&CINO sets more on customer satisfaction and increases its service team in the order field to be able to act even faster in customers satisfaction. At the end of the year CUP&CINO opens the first “100% Pantiamo®” in Lippstadt, Germany. With the new concept, the food engineers have expanded their product range and further developed the concept for the market.

2013 - Foam Master: a sensation in terms of milk foam quality.

Just in time for the Internorga booth in Hamburg CUP&CINO presents a fully new automatic coffee machine that provides a sensation in terms of milk foam quality. Just by button-push the Foam Master coffee system produces a foamy milk in “Latte Art” quality. With a modern touch screen the customer can choose between 50 different products, whether hot or cold coffee beverages, the customer can choose and impress his guests with genuine beverage trends. In August CUP&CINO opened his first Pantiamo® in Paderborn, Germany and the second outlet in December in Schwerte, Germany. With Pantiamo® CUP&CINO established the first branches of the new franchise chain in the market. Both cities can now appreciate Italian lifestyle to fall in love with.

2012 - Coffee System Chicco.

2012: CUP&CINO revolutionized the office world and brings out the Chicco coffee system that despites all the amenities of a cheap and easy to maintain coffee machine having CUP&CINO’s high quality withstand. Thanks to the newly developed milk granules “Granulatte” 100% skimmed milk without sugar and additives, the customer saves the wasteful milk-foam cleaning of the machine, but does not waive the ultimate coffee experience. In combination with the SPAQA water dispenser-system CUP&CINO offers equal to natural health beverage supply in the office. The new office furniture line can easily be enjoyed into a custom coffee shop in the office for your CUP&CINO customers.

Since early October, the headquarter in Hövelhof extensively renovated the CUP&CINO coffee house in Wiedenbrück, Germany. On 15th of November, we opened the next big CUP&CINO coffee house in an area of 350 m² as a joint venture in a prime harbor location in Kiel, Germany.

2011 - Facebook, Twitter und Apps.

2011 CUP&CINO going strong in the area of new media and social networks. Presentation of the company on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and other social networks. In February 2011, availability of the new CUP&CINO App in the App Store and at Google Android for download free of charge. The App consists of a new couponing system. Within this system, the coffee-connoisseurs can redeem always the latest offers in all CUP&CINO coffee houses.

2010 - 2 more CUP&CINO coffee houses

2010 Opening of 2 more CUP&CINO coffee houses in January and February.

Extension of the warehouse and logistics centre by another 3800 sqm.

Extension of the coffee machine portfolio. Introduction of the coffee systems PURA C, PURA CI and SPECTRA CS Foam Master, thus entering the market of both hot and cold beverages. Easy preparation of cold beverages like ICE-cappuccino containing ice cubes possible with the new machines.

2009 - TEAaMO - ICE TEA.

2009 The Premium TEAaMO tea concept is extended by the TEAaMO ICE TEA. At the same time, the double wall glass for the Macchiato is introduced. The new shop-in-shop series “Club” is introduced for the convenience market which can be upgraded with an instore-TV-concept. Within this instore-TV-concept, the commercials can be send via mobile directly to the screens.

With the new Premium Barista concept “Macchiato Plus 12” CUP&CINO again broadens its product range into the field of semi-automatic machines. Start of the CUP&CINO academy. The Germany Barista Champion Matthias Linke joins the team.

Opening of a new CUP&CINO coffee house in Medan ( Indonesia ).

2008 - TEAaMO Teebags.

2008 The TEAaMO Premium tea concept is offered now in tea bags for the hospitality and convenience market. For the start, 6 different flavours are available. The tea bags are filled with tea leaves. For introduction, CUP&CINO offers a tea humidor, too. Especially for the convenience market an acrylic tea display is developed.

In the coffee house segment, a variety of new food concepts is developed and introduced as of March 2008. 3 more coffee houses have opened in 2008.

CUP&CINO acquires a new Master Franchise partner in Romania and plans both the set-up of a network of 30 coffee houses plus the installation of shop-in-shop concepts in bookstores.

2007 - CUP&CINO offers now a BIO-concept for coffee and TEAaMO.

2007 CUP&CINO offers now a BIO-concept for coffee and TEAaMO.

Having their origin in the best coffee-production of Peru and Mexico, the company offers now two new coffees of the sorts Café Crème and Espresso. For the first time, these specialties are offered in 250g packs, too in order to find friends for the new BIO coffee among our guests of the coffee houses.

Besides the biological cultivation of the coffee it also traded fair and has therefore the Fair Trade label besides the BIO label.

Also, the TEAaMO tea assortment is extended by 6 BIO teas which are offered in 100g bags.

CUP&CINO develops a new furniture concept for small shop-in-shop solutions.

7 more coffee houses are opened in Germany.

2006 - New hot chocolate specialties “Latte Pralino”.

2006 New hot chocolate specialties “Latte Pralino”. With this concept, CUP&CINO is once more trendsetter in the German market and is the first player in the market which offers premium cocoa as a hot chocolate beverage within the framework of a hospitality concept.

With the brand “TEAaMo® – I love you” CUP&CINO broadens its product range with a new concept. The offers consists of a total of 10 Premium teas. The Premium teas are served either in high-class chinaware or in trendy, milk-frosted tea-glasses.

In Germany, the largest coffee house so far opens in Lippstadt on a space of 350 sqm. Abraod, CUP&CINO opens the first Taiwanese coffee bar in Taipei. This coffee bar offers on 67 sqm. the full CUP&CINO product range, starting with Mediterranean breakfast, passing on to salads, snacks and creamy Gelato and serving trendy drinks during night time.

2005 - Opening of new coffee houses in Santiago de Chile, Athens and Riga.

2005 Opening of new coffee houses in Santiago de Chile, Athens and Riga. End of 2005 market entry in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, opening of the largest CUP&CINO coffee house in the world having a size of 375 sqm. .

2004 - Market entry in: Spain, Chile, Indonesia and Qatar.

2004 Market entry in the following countries: Spain (Europe), Chile (South America), Indonesia (Asia) and Qatar (Middle East).

By the end of 2004, 32 coffee houses belong now to the CUP&CINO group in addition to the many thousand of coffee machine and shop-in-shop customers.

2003 - The first coffee house starts successfully in Austria.

2003 The first CUP&CINO coffee house starts successfully in Austria. CUP&CINO introduces this concept on the ANUGA 2003 and has enquiries from many countries. The first successful roll out of the concept takes place in Portugal.

For the bakery and petrol station segment CUP&CINO develops the first shop-in-shop concept. Supra-regional- and nationwide key accounts are generated.

In December 2003, the first CUP&CINO partner for the coffee machine distribution concept starts in Taiwan.

2002 - CUP&CINO decides to expand via franchising

2002 In order to make the brand grow quickly CUP&CINO decides to expand via franchising. The first coffee houses open in Germany.

2001 - The first CUP&CINO coffee house starts as a pilot business in Paderborn.

2001 The first CUP&CINO coffee house starts as a pilot business in Paderborn. During this period, CUP&CINO develops the double concept: Coffee house during the daytime, cocktail house during the night time. This concept has many economic advantages compared to the international competition. Besides the extension of the coffee selection, CUP&CINO develops a new food-concept and the brands: Bakery, Salacino & Gelato.

2000 - Creation of a coffee shop concept.

2000 Besides the distribution of coffee systems there is a huge customer demand asking for a creation of a coffee shop concept.

1998 - The first international partner is found in Austria.

1998 The first international partner is found in Austria. The first step towards international brand awareness is taken. For the first time, CUP&CINO exhibits on the largest hospitality show in Germany – the Internorga in Hamburg.

1996 - Nationwide roll-out.

1996 CUP&CINO develops quickly in the region with its coffee machine distribution concept and decides to go for a nationwide roll-out.

1995 - CUP&CINO is established on September 21st, 1995.

1995 Since the coffee industry is not offering a coffee concept for the gastronomy sector, Frank Epping decides to to establish a new company for a trend-setting coffee concept. CUP&CINO is established on September 21st, 1995 and it’s premier activity is the participation at the trade show “GÜWA 95”.